Vitiligo Skin Bleaching

Vitiligo is a skin disorder, whose cause is very difficult to find out. There may be on one hand no cause of the disease, but on the other hand it may associate with number of disorders. These white skin patches are appears due to the depigmentation in cells. Depigmentation refers to the loss of skin color.

Body special cells, melanocytes are responsible in the production of pigmentary cells in skin, which determines the skin color. If melanocytes cells fail to produce pigmentary cells in skin, then skin shows whitish spots or patches. It may affect the mucous membrane, hairs, retina of the eyes along with skin.

There are many types of vitiligo:
such as segmental, linear, Trichrome, focal, mucosal, universal inflammatory etc. along with all types the common vitiligo type is called vulgaris vitiligo. (Refers to the scattered macules in classic, symmetrical, or asymmetrical distribution).

The disease affects almost 1 to 2 % of population. It can affect both male & female genders, of any age. Vitiligo is mostly noticeable in colored or darker skin people instead of whitish people.

Vitiligo can be appeared due to many causes. It can be through heredity, stress, deficit of nutritional factors, usage of chemicals topical applications (creams, skin bleaches, lotions etc). Skin bleach destroys the pigment cells, for thus vitiligo can be appeared. It can be through adrenaline or thyroxine deficiency, or by immune system disorder, sun exposure.

Skin Bleaching Creams:
Bleaching is used to enhance the skin color. Market is full with such creams and lotions. The most powerful bleaching agent hydroquinone is the major cause of skin color alteration. This ingredient is also a cause of deficiency of thyroxine, liver disorder. In this regard, different other safe ingredients in bleach creams, like lemon juice extract, aloe Vera, and vitamins are not consider dangerous for the skin coloration. Many skin bleaching creams are made up of herbal extracts, free from chemicals, suitable for every type of skin, with no rash or irritation is available in market. Try to use them instead of chemical enriching bleaching creams. This will bring no problem.

Suggestion regarding vitiligo skin bleaching:
It is recommended protecting skin from sun or ultra violet rays. Use sun creams or lotions with high SPF, when ever you go out side for preventing skin from sun damage.