Understanding Burns

Severe burns have a special feature which distinguishes them from other injuries. Burns and cause severe and prolonged pain, also cause physical disfigurement of the body. Therefore, people are cutting burn victims often experience severe psychological trauma resulting from the society and personal reaction to changes in their appearance.

Burn victims face or covering most of the body are at high risk of psychological disorders such as:

• Depression: major depression often results from self-identification of victims, along with issues have self esteem problems burning

• anxiety-a burn injury itself is a very traumatic event and is sufficient to invoke severe anxiety. The crippling pain that accompanies the long process of healing is also difficult to produce anxiety.

• Phobias victims are often so preoccupied by the reactions of others to their submissions that they stay in doors and avoid any social interaction outside close friends and family who accept them know what they are. But such behavior may lead to social phobias, including agoraphobia and progress to the point that they are incapable of having to leave home and can not go to work or function in society.

• Stress Disorder Post-Traumatic burn victims may have recurrent back problems ling flash in the time they were injured. These terrible thoughts and anxiety that accompanies them can be so severe that they interfere with daily life of the victim, including work and relationships with others.

The physical aspects of Burns

The severity of burns of an individual determines what physical condition that may experience. Muscles, bones, blood vessels, dermis and epidermis can be damaged by burns that can cause deep pain of injured nerves. Severe burns can result in:

• Shock

• Infection

• Electrolyte imbalance

• Difficulty breathing

• Death

After the immediate dangers are overcome and a burn victim survive beyond the critical point, he or she must endure the procedures involved in the healing process. These procedures include:

• routine cleaning of the burned area to prevent infection. This cleaning is done in the raw tissue and opened and should be done until the tissue heals

• Plastic surgery. Burn victims usually choose to have some plastic surgery procedures done when they are in the hospital and before severe scarring has occurred

• Physical therapy. Serious burns often result in loss of limb function determined. Intense therapy must be started from the beginning in order to regain a degree of function.