Tips in Restaurants

How much of a percentage is a quality tip? Ten, fifteen, perhaps twenty percent? Well, from my experience as a patron and a worker of the restaurant industry, its safe to say, the quantity of tip that is handed out depends on the quality of work.

 Now, when a table receives their check, they instantly talk amongst each other about how well, moderate, or poor the server was without throwing in the other equations. Most people that dine out to eat believe the server is the one solely responsible for the running of the restaurant. However, a great deal of patrons do not realize that the busser’s duties is to provide people with water, clear plates, and reset tables. They also must move tables to set up parties at the last minute so they lose time during rush hour to collect plates, grab a roll up, and so on.

 The food runners have only one job, but it is a rather big deal, and its to run your food. The big deal about it is that they are the last ones to check for proper presentation and to make sure if they have the correct dish. It’s the duty of the expediter to make sure all the plates are in line and going to the right table. How bad would it be if a person that has a nut allergy received a salad with grounded cashews and the person across from them got the salad with no nuts?

 The server is what I call, “The Spokesperson” of the restaurant because they have the biggest job and it’s to cater to their tables and talk about daily specials, wine, etc. When a person eats at a restaurant and is given a wine list and they open it to see there are more than a hundred different bottles of wine, the server needs to know how they taste to sell you a bottle. Not only are servers taking orders and getting drinks, but they are the sales representatives. Additionally, a server is catering to numerous tables at once so when next time you notice your server running around in a frantic manner and you feel like they are ignoring you, it means they are getting slammed due to a great deal of tables sat at once.

Moreover, the quantity of tip relies on the service and not just the server, but the entire restaurant as a whole. The average tip in restaurants is roughly fifteen percentage, however, a good tip is twenty percent. What constitutes fifteen is an all around average service from the work staff, the quality of the food, and proper table setup. If the patrons were absolutely thrilled with their meal and service, there should be no reason why that person tips less than twenty person.

 A bonus that a great deal of people overlook, is that if a server is tipped exceptionally well, they would remember that table next time they come in. This is vital because the server will do a much better job taking care of that table and inform the work staff, especially the kitchen that they are quality diners, so the food needs to go out quicker.