Tips for Eating alone

Eating Alone? – Loose The Social Misnomer

Tips For Dining Alone

Eating Alone.  It’s a social misnomer.  Why so you ask?  Rarely does one eat alone.  At the least you have the wait staff attending to your needs, at the most a restaurant full of people you may or may not know.  But the social stigmatism that goes with eating alone in itself makes a person feel completely alone in a restaurant full of people.  It makes a one feel disconnected at the least and at the most a social misfit or outcast.

But how one handles the misconception is just as important as what they choose to eat at that particular moment. And where you are eating during that mealtime makes a huge difference too.  Are you eating in your local area?  Chances are you will run into people you know.  If you are out and about it’s a different look and feel.  How you handle any situation has a lot to do with whether you are on top of the world or you are feeling left out.

Generally where you sit makes a big difference, sitting in a dark corner probably applies itself to the stigmatism that goes along with eating alone, instead situate yourself in the middle of the pack and use a trick until it is second nature, people watch.  It is fun and free.  Not only that you often will find someone else looking just as precarious and out of place as yourself, strike up a conversation with them.  You might find that you have a lot or sometimes, just enough in common to keep some conversation going.  Sometimes the other party makes an offer for you to sit with them or you make the offer to them to come sit with you.  In either event, you just made a social friend.  And think of all the topics that you can talk about, sports, politics, at the very least, the food that is being served.

Another soothing eat alone trick is to use it as a catch up time.  Take periodicals, rag mags or newspapers you haven’t read yet to catch up on and catch up.  You can generally fill up one good hour reading stuff you need or want to, sometimes you can fill up three or four hours and the time flew by, the crowd has changed hands three to four times over.  And you never knew anyone thought anything of you sitting there eating alone.

Tag someone along and catch up with him or her.  Have you taken your father out for a meal in awhile, a friend you haven’t seen for a bit?  This is valuable time as family and friends are hard enough to come by in our fast paced society, but you get to catch up and you eat at the same time making the meal a memorable one.

In any event, you are in control of how you feel eating out alone.  It takes practice.  You need to own the time.  Engage yourself in it.  Fill your space with you.  Get comfortable in your skin and eating alone becomes second nature.  No more social misnomer, no social stigmatism, you took it away.

Congratulations – bon appetite`!