Should Tipping in Restaurants be Banned – No

As a current server, my answer is most definitely no. From what I have read from most of you on the “yes” side of this issue, I can tell that most of you have never waited tables a day in your life. If you think waiting tables is only getting the guests food and drink, you are sadly mistaken. As servers, we work very hard to try and please people who have the idea stuck in their heads that they are our only table. These people are the ones who want tipping to be banned and are type of people that expect us to stay by their side and tip very poorly.

I have also seen people write that they think we should be paid minimum wage or a little more for our work as a serve and to these people I say that is not what we are worth. Serving is not my only experience, I have also worked in many different warehouses in various departments. Compared to warehouse work, I say that serving is slightly more demanding physically and much more demanding mentally. With that said I believe that servers should be worth more than warehouse workers who receive and average of $11 an hour.

To all of you who think that it would be better to pay a little more for food to not tip, good luck with that. At a former restaurant I use to work at this very same topic came up in a server meeting. Most servers agreed we should get tipped but a few disagreed. My manager decided to do a modal of what would happen if we went to paying servers a better hourly wage if we were not tipped. The main disaster in this modal was that we would have to increase our menu prices by almost half. Now imagine this, you go to a casual restaurant with your family of four. You use to pay around $12 for a adult plate, around $4 for a child plate with drink, and $2 per adult drink assuming no drinks containing alcohol, totaling around $36. If you include a standard tip of $5-$6 you leave the restaurant paying $41 to $42. Now add the menu price increase.which will be 33-42% increase now you are paying more than $48 par visit. Is it really worth it?

I know what you all are thinking, prices will not have to be raised that high, but most of you are forgetting about the employees servers tip out to. That’s right when you tip us, in most cases we don’t get to keep all of that money. We tip out money to our bartenders and table bussers. So if you eliminate tipping, the hourly rates for bussers and bartenders have to go up as well. All in all just because you all feel like being cheap don’t take away from our tips unless you have been a sever before and/or receive incredibly terrible service.