Should Cell Phones be Banned in Restaurants – Yes

Picture this: You and your boyfriend of four years are eating a romantic dinner together. He is looking deep into your soul; the comfortable silence is more then either of you can bear. He leans across the table, gently caressing the palm of your hand while reaching into his jacket pocket with the other hand. As he pulls the small jewelry box out…

The gentleman at the table behind yours opens his ringing cell phone and proceeds to loudly bark orders into the contraption.

As Americans, cellular telephones have become a way of life; the operative phrase in this sentence being “have become.” We have lived without having people at our beck-and-call for many years; why and when did it suddenly change? This is because we want to be more accessible to others. Mothers want their kids to be able to reach them whenever the necessity rises, and vice versa. Men want their employees to call when a problem sprouts up. Unfortunately, though, phones are not used only for those reasons; they are also used for the teenage girl to confirm which movie she’ll be seeing with her friends, the business man to “go over” a few more things while in a meeting, the young mother to contact her mother every hour to make sure “everything is going as it should.”

While this is going on, the poor server is standing by the patrons’ table waiting on them to finish their call to place their food order or purchase a beverage. Servers are stuck in a tight spot on this one: wait for them to complete the call and take the order, or move to the next table and risk the previous patron’s anger because she didn’t wait on him. The quiet mood of a relaxing night out is ruined for yet someone else, and this is because someone couldn’t leave their phone on silent or simply return the call outside or even in the restroom.

Please, leave the phone in the car or put it on silent and/or vibrate. If it is important, they will leave a message – then you will be free to return the call elsewhere. Please respect those around you who do not care to hear your conversation, and take it somewhere so the only person hearing it will be the person who it is intended for.