Should Cell Phones be Banned in Resaurants – Yes

It’s been a long, tiresome day and it’s one I get to spend with my wife; alone, while the children visit grandma. Once a month my wife and I get to act like children again instead of watching over them for a change. On occasion we will go catch a movie, visit the local book shop, attend a play but no matter what we always go out to eat first. It’s our treat to one another, a reward of sorts. It usually consists of a small, quaint local, but not always quiet, place.

Sipping on a glass of wine over the “catch of the day”, we converse about our day while trying listen to the pianist pound his keys, playing a melodic tune, sounds like Thelonious Monk. Alongside us a couple of about the same age are conversing over their dinner as well but not with one another rather on their phones. Their voices grew louder the more they talked, probably not even realizing so. This in fact enraged me. It wasn’t only that my wife and I were trying to enjoy dinner and each other’s company that bothered me but it also made me feel sorry for this couple and all the others we see on their phones at dinner or in the theater. It seems as though so few “couples” enjoy one another’s company anymore. If your significant other is sitting across the table and you are able to take that vibrating yet sometimes loudly ringing phone out of your pocket and begin a conversation with another, you deserve nothing but a quick little backhand upside the noggin. Sometimes I will see one texting away on their phone while holding it beneath their table with their head down and eyes focused away from the person they are with; how ridiculous.

Some people believe it’s the people not the phone that is to be blamed. Well I agree with the fact that the people are just as much to blame for their “crack berry” addiction, but its not them that we can ban from these restaurants. If so I would love that job of picking them up from their table, giving them a quick, little smack and tossing’em out back into the alley. But it won’t ever happen; the most we can do is put up those signs that read “please be courteous to others while using your cell phones”. These signs are generally so tiny and hidden that one probably never sees them. It’s our duty, us people who do not use our phones in a restaurant to say something to the ones that do. Hopefully after a few times they will get the point; but I highly doubt it. “We live in a technical age, and these times require constant cell phone use.” This is such a simple statement, a shortcut to thinking. If it’s that important send out a mass text to those in your phone stating “I’m having dinner for the next hour.” I guarantee you no one will call you in that hour. Relax, put down the phone and enjoy the company that’s across from you because if you keep doing what you are, next time you look up, he/she may be gone!