Low abdominal pain exercises

Low abdominal pain exercises are important for those suffering from pain on the lower abdomen in order to restore the back’s strength as well as to return to daily activities and recover fully. These special exercises are often recommended by an orthopedic surgeon and/or physical therapist to be done at least 3 times a day 10 minutes each session for early and fast recovery.  This article gives you a guide of some of the most common pain exercises to help you understand your exercise program better. However, these exercises should still be done under the supervision of an orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist.

Initial Exercise Program

Ankle Pumps – involves lying on your back and moving your ankles up and down for 10 repetitions.

Heel Slides – involves lying on your back and slowly bending and straightening your knees for 10 repetitions.

Abdominal Contraction – involves lying on your back, bending knees, and resting hands below ribs. While on this position, tighten your abdominal muscles by squeezing your ribs down towards your back. Stay in this position for 5 seconds. Repeat these steps 10 times.

Wall Squats – involves standing with back leaned against the wall. From this position, walk your feet in front of the body until you reach around 12 inches distance. While keeping your abdominal muscles tight, slowly bend your knees at a 45 degree angle. Return to an upright position slowly. Repeat these steps 10 times.

Heel Raises – involves standing and slowly raising heels up and down. Do this for 10 repetitions.

Intermediate Exercise Program

Single Knee to Chest Stretch – involves lying on your back with knees bent. While on this position, hold one thigh behind the knee and touch the chest with the other knee. Stay in this position for 20 seconds. Repeat the steps 5 times for each side.

Hamstring Stretch – involves lying on your back with your legs bent. While on this position, hold your thigh behind you knee, straightening it slowly until you feel a stretch at the back of thigh. Hold for 20 seconds. Repeat the steps 5 times for each side.

Advanced Exercise Program

High Flexor Stretch – involves lying on your back close to the edge of your bed, with knees held to the chest. Lower down one leg slowly. Keep your knee bent until you feel a stretch across the top your thigh/hip. Hold for 20 seconds and the steps five times.

Piriformis Stretch – involves lying on your back with knees bent. Cross your one leg on top of another leg. Pull one knee to your chest until you feel a stretch in the hip/buttock area. Hold for 20 seconds and do these steps 5 times.

There you go – some of the low abdominal pain exercises you should do to reduce your pain. Once again, it’s better to consult your orthopedic surgeon or physical therapist before engaging into these exercises.

Eating out with Kids

With everyone so busy these days it is hard to find to cook a home cooked meal every day.  And at the end of a hard work week, sometimes you just want to go out, have a good meal, and have someone else deal with the mess.  But when you have children, dining out can be as difficult as just staying home and cooking dinner yourself.  And if you have children, the last thing you want to do is spend money on a meal and not enjoy it.  However, this is a short list of five things you can do to make dining out with children more enjoyable for all involved.

Lower Your Expectations

While it is true that life does not end when you have children, your life does change.  And this means that if you are going to take children out to dinner you may have to lower your expectations.  The nice little romantic restaurant with the great pesto may not be the best place to take your children as the atmosphere and the menu may not be kid friendly.  So many times parents set their children up to fail by taking them to a restaurant that has nothing for kids.  Don’t do it.  Save that nice restaurant for a dining experience for adults.  Go to a kid friendly restaurant to have a family night.

Kids Menu

This may seem obvious but when you go out to eat with children make the restaurant offers a kids menu.  If the menu comes with some coloring pages and crayons that would be ideal.  Children get excited about ordering their own dinner and during the lull times an activity will keep them calm and make the dining experience better for everyone.

No Waiting

When you take kids out to dinner you only have so much time before they will lose interest and perhaps make the dining experience not as enjoyable as you have hoped.  Depending on the age of the children, long waits for a table can ruin a night out.  As part of lowering your expectations, you may have to get to a popular restaurant earlier than you normally would to lessen the wait time.  If you are going to a restaurant that takes reservations, make them.  Time is of the essence though so do everything you can to make most of your time eating and enjoying your dinner rather than waiting in the lobby.

Save Something For Last

To make your dining experience enjoyable, save something great for the end of the meal.  Usually this means dessert but not always.  Be sure to let the kids know that if dinner goes great, there is something waiting for them at the end that they surely do not want to miss.  This could be a trip to the video store to pick out a move, a walk around a play area that exists in most strip mall restaurants or just plain old ice cream after dinner. This will give your kids incentive and you get to have some fun too.

Have Fun

So many parents tend to put their children in situations where the children are doomed to fail.  And then neither the children nor the parents enjoy their night out.  Why bother?  Take your kids to a restaurant they will enjoy and you will enjoy the evening as well.  There are some great restaurants out there that have good food in a kid friendly environment.  If you choose well, these restaurants will become part of your routine and you and the kids will look forward to going to them.

Tips to avoid AMS medical condition

Most effective treatment for AMS is protection and sinus patients are able to do this in many different strategies.

Manage allergies.

A good way to avoid and easily alleviate sinus infections such as AMS would be to manage allergies. Allergic reactions which have an effect on the nasal area, including hay fever as well as household allergies such as cigarette fumes, housecleaning products, hairspray, likewise as other supplies could potentially cause the nasal membranes to enlarge. This consequently prevents nasal pathways that happens to be the hollow spaces within the bones around the nose. Mucus, that would typically deplete from the sinuses towards the nose, won’t be able to deplete. Mucus after that accumulates and gives a fertile area for “bugs” to develop leading into a sinus infection. Make an effort to regulate the quantity of things that trigger allergies which you might be typically come across. Discuss with friends and family to stop cigarette smoking when you are around as well as bathe household pets per week in case pet dander could be the reason for the allergic reaction.

Regulate the indoor environment.

You may as well consider regulate the indoor environment to avoid and treat sinus infections. Dust mites, that is recognized allergens and survive in humidity. Plan to have an indoor surroundings which is not very dry or damp. The surroundings which is very damp are able to stimulate the development of mold, that may even trigger sinus problems. Vaporizers will be beneficial for any dry sleeping atmosphere. Once the home is very warmth as well as the membranes will dry out, the mucus will not be removed quickly. Sinus sufferers also needs to look for ways to ventilate ones own homes appropriately. Ensure that the air ducts on the cooling and heating system will be cleaned to avoid any accumulation of dust and mold. Opening the home’s windows during a warmer day granted that is not a high-pollen day, enables you to ventilate your house likewise.

Maintain physiques and immune systems.

People that have sinus problems also needs to maintain ones own physiques and immune systems to avoid infections. Continuing to keep oneself replenished with water keeps sinuses working appropriately. Making use of salt water nasal rinses for the nasal area on a regular basis should help as well. You can acquire a prescription nose spray otherwise you may consult your physician to recommend a saltwater technique afterward utilize a bulb syringe to cleanse your nasal cavities to wash out mucus and debris.

Despite the fact that sinus sufferer might need to constantly experience sinus symptoms, most of these ideas will assist you to maintain them away. Often times though, there isn’t any precise treatment to avoid sinus infections completely. The mainly idea in which sinus sufferers are able to do would be to search for treatment as soon as a sinus infection shows its awful head. Through maintaining an individual’s surroundings and their health, decongestants works more effective solving infections more rapidly.

Vitiligo Skin Bleaching

Vitiligo is a skin disorder, whose cause is very difficult to find out. There may be on one hand no cause of the disease, but on the other hand it may associate with number of disorders. These white skin patches are appears due to the depigmentation in cells. Depigmentation refers to the loss of skin color.

Body special cells, melanocytes are responsible in the production of pigmentary cells in skin, which determines the skin color. If melanocytes cells fail to produce pigmentary cells in skin, then skin shows whitish spots or patches. It may affect the mucous membrane, hairs, retina of the eyes along with skin.

There are many types of vitiligo:
such as segmental, linear, Trichrome, focal, mucosal, universal inflammatory etc. along with all types the common vitiligo type is called vulgaris vitiligo. (Refers to the scattered macules in classic, symmetrical, or asymmetrical distribution).

The disease affects almost 1 to 2 % of population. It can affect both male & female genders, of any age. Vitiligo is mostly noticeable in colored or darker skin people instead of whitish people.

Vitiligo can be appeared due to many causes. It can be through heredity, stress, deficit of nutritional factors, usage of chemicals topical applications (creams, skin bleaches, lotions etc). Skin bleach destroys the pigment cells, for thus vitiligo can be appeared. It can be through adrenaline or thyroxine deficiency, or by immune system disorder, sun exposure.

Skin Bleaching Creams:
Bleaching is used to enhance the skin color. Market is full with such creams and lotions. The most powerful bleaching agent hydroquinone is the major cause of skin color alteration. This ingredient is also a cause of deficiency of thyroxine, liver disorder. In this regard, different other safe ingredients in bleach creams, like lemon juice extract, aloe Vera, and vitamins are not consider dangerous for the skin coloration. Many skin bleaching creams are made up of herbal extracts, free from chemicals, suitable for every type of skin, with no rash or irritation is available in market. Try to use them instead of chemical enriching bleaching creams. This will bring no problem.

Suggestion regarding vitiligo skin bleaching:
It is recommended protecting skin from sun or ultra violet rays. Use sun creams or lotions with high SPF, when ever you go out side for preventing skin from sun damage.

Should Cell Phones be Banned in Resaurants – Yes

It’s been a long, tiresome day and it’s one I get to spend with my wife; alone, while the children visit grandma. Once a month my wife and I get to act like children again instead of watching over them for a change. On occasion we will go catch a movie, visit the local book shop, attend a play but no matter what we always go out to eat first. It’s our treat to one another, a reward of sorts. It usually consists of a small, quaint local, but not always quiet, place.

Sipping on a glass of wine over the “catch of the day”, we converse about our day while trying listen to the pianist pound his keys, playing a melodic tune, sounds like Thelonious Monk. Alongside us a couple of about the same age are conversing over their dinner as well but not with one another rather on their phones. Their voices grew louder the more they talked, probably not even realizing so. This in fact enraged me. It wasn’t only that my wife and I were trying to enjoy dinner and each other’s company that bothered me but it also made me feel sorry for this couple and all the others we see on their phones at dinner or in the theater. It seems as though so few “couples” enjoy one another’s company anymore. If your significant other is sitting across the table and you are able to take that vibrating yet sometimes loudly ringing phone out of your pocket and begin a conversation with another, you deserve nothing but a quick little backhand upside the noggin. Sometimes I will see one texting away on their phone while holding it beneath their table with their head down and eyes focused away from the person they are with; how ridiculous.

Some people believe it’s the people not the phone that is to be blamed. Well I agree with the fact that the people are just as much to blame for their “crack berry” addiction, but its not them that we can ban from these restaurants. If so I would love that job of picking them up from their table, giving them a quick, little smack and tossing’em out back into the alley. But it won’t ever happen; the most we can do is put up those signs that read “please be courteous to others while using your cell phones”. These signs are generally so tiny and hidden that one probably never sees them. It’s our duty, us people who do not use our phones in a restaurant to say something to the ones that do. Hopefully after a few times they will get the point; but I highly doubt it. “We live in a technical age, and these times require constant cell phone use.” This is such a simple statement, a shortcut to thinking. If it’s that important send out a mass text to those in your phone stating “I’m having dinner for the next hour.” I guarantee you no one will call you in that hour. Relax, put down the phone and enjoy the company that’s across from you because if you keep doing what you are, next time you look up, he/she may be gone!

Understanding the Function of the Prostate Gland

Learning about the function of the prostate gland is very important, particularly if you are a man, because prostate cancer is the number one occurring cancer in men worldwide and so you want to try to avoid it by milking prostate as much as possible. The best way to do this is by making yourself as educated and informed as you can, and let’s start with the actual function of the prostate gland.

The Prostate Gland

The prostate gland is about the size of a large walnut, and it is located in the pelvic area of men, just below the bladder and near the urethra. The prostate is a major part of the male reproductive system and requires male hormones, or androgens, to function.

The Function of the Prostate Gland

The actual function of the prostate gland is to store and produce seminal fluid, and this fluid is what nourishes the sperm. The prostate also contains certain smooth muscles which help to expel semen during the ejaculation process.

More Information

Besides understanding the function of the prostate gland, it is also critical to learn about the problems that can be associated with it. Of course the most common is prostate cancer, but there are others as well, such as an enlarged prostate.

Basically a man’s prostate gland begins to enlarge once he has reached middle age, and as the prostate continues to grow larger, it may end up pressing on the urethra, and this narrowing of the urethra is what typically causes the most problems.

In the earlier stages of prostate enlargement, the bladder muscle will force the urine through the narrowed urethra, and it does this by contracting much more powerfully. Then, as a result of this, the bladder muscle will begin to become thicker and more sensitive, causing the patient to have to urinate more often.

Another commonly experienced prostate problem is known as prostatitis. This condition is an inflammation of the prostate gland, and it is one which is usually caused by a bacterial infection in the body that has spread. There are two different classifications of prostatitis: acute prostatitis and chronic prostatitis.

Acute prostatitis is much more serious, and tends to develop suddenly and without warning. Chronic prostatitis is much more common and not as dangerous, and unlike actue prostatitis, it generally develops gradually, and continues for a prolonged period of time.

These and other related problems are very common, and this is why it is so important to see your doctor regularly, not only so that they can keep an eye on your prostate but on your general health overall.

Getting Rid of Tonsil Stones

Stones do not develop in the kidneys alone as it is widely believed. Tonsil stones or tonsilloliths are pea sized calcified formations weighing up to 40 grams, which develop at the crevices found on the throat known as tonsils. Tonsilloliths has the following three common symptoms: a constant feeling of something stuck in your throat, mysterious coughs and halitosis (foul breath). The growth of these tonsil stones in the throat can be a considerably uncomfortable experience to the affected persons.

Causes of Tonsil Stones:

The growth and development of tonsilloliths in the throat can be factored down on to the following two major grounds:

1. The number and profundity of folds in the throat area
Most people in the general population have relatively smoother tonsils. This helps in lessening the grip which calcified formations such as tonsil stones would require to cling on to the crevices in the throat such as those of the tonsils. However, some people may have additional folds in their tonsils and these augment the chances of these stones building because the calcified bodies will now have ample room in the throat to surface from.

2 .The presence of bacteria
The presence of bacteria in the mouth that causes halitosis also plays a major role. These are known to facilitate the growth of the stones into larger sizes over duration of time.

Diagnosis and method of Treatment:

Using a mirror, locate the shallow part of your throat in the mouth. However, it is important to note that not all tonsil stones can be detected when you open your mouth. This is due to the fact that the throat and tonsils usually consist of a number of folds, so there is always the possibility that tonsil stones could be hidden in one of these many folds. These hidden tonsil stones can only be located in the throat through specialized means by the use of a CT scan. If it is established that they are not a case for concern, your ears, nose and throat (ENT) doctor will only suggest common pain relief techniques that may include warm salt gargles to help easing the pain brought about by the small calcified formations.

In instances, whereby the pain and discomfort persist, your ENT doctor will have the tonsil stones surgically extracted from your throat and will decide whether or not to use local anesthetic to conduct this procedure. Nonetheless, the removal of these tonsil stones can be easily done individually by those affected. ‘Throat plumbing’ can be performed at home by the use of a 0-tip to remove any stones present in your throat in the morning. Caution has to be however taken because the throat is a highly sensitive region. If any pain or inflammation is experienced while conducting this procedure at home then it is always advisable that you seek medical assistance. The growth and development of tonsil stones in the throat is known to be a recurring condition. Removal of the stones will therefore greatly help in alleviating any pain if present.

Things you should never do in a Restaurant

It goes without saying that the average tourist or foreigner in Greece will be clueless about certain Greek ways, and thus behave in the wrong way, or what Greeks would consider stupid foreign ways. From baking in the midday sun to drinking too much coffee at the wrong time of day, foreigners just can’t seem to get it right. The biggest difference between Greeks and non-Greeks are probably found over food, and these can be observed in restaurants and tavernas, where some things you should never do are invariably done.

Allowances will be made because you don’t know any better. However when you descend on a local taverna and are not  accustomed to Greek ways beware: possibly your every move will be observed, and eyebrows raised. A crash course in Greek may help you to understand what is being said about you, but it is probably preferable not to know.

Greeks are extremely proud of Greek cuisine and consider it to be the best in the world. It is rare to find a Greek who will actually admit to even tasting foreign food, as they believe Greek food is superior to all other food in the universe, backed up by the worlds foodies now declaring the Mediterranean diet to be the healthiest in the world.  So never ask for foreign food in a Greek restaurant. Forget your sour cream and peanut butter, and only order what is offered to you, or you will be insulting Greek food.

The first thing to remember is that Greeks eat late in the evening, after nine in winter and ten in the summer. If you want to sample the real Greek atmosphere never arrive for dinner at 7pm or your fellow diners will only be other foreigners. At that time of the afternoon, 7pm, the Greeks will be taking coffee in the kafenions. Never enter a Greek restaurant and complain about the smokers. It is a fact of life that Greeks smoke, and you can guarantee the chef has a cigarette in his mouth as he cooks.

You should never complain about how long the service takes. Greeks go to a restaurant to eat at leisure and you should expect to wait once your order has been placed. A wait of an hour for the food to arrive is quite common, though you will be brought some drinks, bread and olive oil. Learn to relax as the Greeks do. If you don’t agree with waiting then you must find an outlet of the Greek fast food chain Goodys, where you will be tricked into ordering onion rings never realizing they are in fact squid rings.

Do not order a Greek salad each as an appetizer, they are enormous. Greeks are quite happy to share food, hence the meze culture, where many small dishes are placed in the middle of the table to be shared as appetizers. It looks odd to see each person with their own appetizer. Never eat your lamb chops with your knife and fork, certain foods are meant to be eaten with the hands.

Do not comment if your fish soup comes as a bowl of soup with a piece of fish on a separate plate, this is normal. Do not struggle if you aren’t sure what the dishes available are, ask to go and look in the pans in the kitchen to see what is cooking. This is perfectly normal and acceptable behaviour.

Do not expect the dishes on the table to be removed when you have finished eating. Greeks eat at leisure and put their forks down between bites to have a cigarette, this does not mean the meal is over. Greeks are perfectly happy to eat cold food so the habit of sitting amidst the debris of your meal is normal. Do not allow your children to be noisy brats. Greece is probably the most child friendly country on earth and naturally the children are taken out with the parents, but Greek children generally know how to behave in public, and are told off immediately if start to misbehave.

Do remember that the fancy looking place with the high prices will not be the place with the best food. Instead look for simple taverna with a limited choice of food as most likely everything will be totally fresh and home made, with the vegetables picked from the garden that morning.

If the portion of food is too large then do not just leave it on the table, ask the waiter if any of the locals want it for their animals. This will go down much better than leaving food, which could cause much concern about your health, or even worse the implication that something may be wrong with the food, causing Mama in the kitchen to come out and demand to know why you didn’t eat it all.

Do not be surprised when you bill is written on the tablecloth rather than presented in the usual fashion and do not embarrass the owner by asking if they take credit cards, even if there’s a sun faded sign advertising he does. He may have a rusting old machine in the back which he’ll probably have to telephone another relative to come and use, and it will make the amount known to the tax man. Cash does nicely. If you need the bill for some reason simply take the tablecloth away with you.

You should not take offence if one of the elderly patrons tries to befriend you.  Chatting between tables is perfectly usual in Greek restaurants, and if some house wine arrives at your table raise a glass in acknowledgment. It probably means you’ve been accepted and not acted in a too obviously foreign manner. Do not be put off by the difference in style between a Greek restaurant and what you are used to. After just a few days you will have mellowed enough to appreciate and enjoy it to the fullest.


Gain weight using Mirena

Hi all, I had Mirena for almost 8 months and I gain weight around 10 extra pounds. I am going to talk with my gym and also I am thinking to use HerbaLife. Any advice.

Good thing about Mirena is that stopped my heavy bleeding.

Good luck to everybody.

Hi, I had the mirena inserted in April this year, it was very traumatic for me as it was alot more painful than having a smear test done, after it was all over with I suffered badly with stabbing pains in my tummy, I was in agony, i nearly passed out and felt really unwell, I had to stay at my doctors for nearly 2 hours as I physically could not stand, I took 2 pain killers and waited a while for them to kick in.

I went home eventually and could not even go to collect my children from school I was still in pain, I bled quite heavy for 24 hrs, the next day the pain simmered off and so did the bleeding so i was very happy, how ever the next day the pains came back, I have now had the mirena in 3 months and I have not had a full period, I have spot bled a few times and I still get the sharp stabbing cramps and pains.

I have since been to the doctors about my pains and she sent me for a scan, I found out today that I have cysts on my ovaries.

The only thing I can honestly say good about the mirena is my periods stopped, other than that I wish I had never had it in the first place.

By: sarah tennant

Angina treatment Review

The first action in angina therapy is to get rid of danger elements which are most likely to hasten the progression of heart illness. This means that individuals with angina ought to stop smoking, shed excessive weight, consume a heart-healthy diet plan, and exercise regularly, if possible.

Angina Treatment Overview

The soreness of angina is various in various individuals. Some individuals have angina when they overexert themselves, whereas others really feel signs and symptoms when they get very upset or excited. Most individuals ultimately learn to anticipate which activities will trigger distress. Chest discomfort that originates in the heart muscle is known as angina pectoris. Angina is really a signal that the heart muscle isn’t obtaining sufficient bloodstream flow, specifically sufficient oxygen. The underlying coronary artery disease that causes angina should be attacked by controlling existing “risk factors.”

These include high bloodstream pressure, cigarette smoking, higher blood cholesterol amounts, and excess fat. If the doctor has recommended a drug to reduce bloodstream stress, it should be taken as directed. Guidance is available on how to eat to manage weight, blood cholesterol levels, and blood stress. A physician may also help patients to stop smoking. Getting these actions reduces the likelihood that coronary artery disease will lead to a heart attack. Most individuals with angina learn to adjust their lives to minimize episodes of angina, by taking sensible precautions and using medications if necessary. Generally the very first line of defense entails changing one’s living habits to avoid bringing on attacks of angina. Controlling actual activity, adopting great eating habits, moderating alcohol consumption, and not cigarette smoking that consuming nicotine are some of the precautions that may help sufferers reside much more easily and with fewer anginas. For example, if angina comes on with strenuous physical exercise, exercise a little much less strenuously, but do physical exercise.If angina occurs following heavy meals, avoid big meals and rich foods that leave one feeling stuffed. Controlling fat, decreasing the amount of fat in the diet plan, and avoiding emotional upsets may also assist. Angina therapy is often controlled by drugs. The most frequently prescribed drug for angina is nitroglycerin, which relieves pain by widening blood vessels. This enables much more bloodstream to flow to the heart muscle and also decreases the function load from the center. Nitroglycerin is taken when discomfort occurs or is expected. Doctors often prescribe other drugs, to be taken regularly, that decrease the heart’s workload.