Dry cough : Symptoms ,causes and Remedies

Dry cough happens when you want to get rid of the substances that are causing irritation in your breathing pathways. This type of cough is without any mucus or phlegm coming out. It is usually just to clear the air ways so that it eases the way you breathe. Dry cough is also sometimes a part of some other problem like trauma, airway obstruction, infection etc. It maybe there for only a short time.

There are two types of dry cough. An acute one may be for just two or three weeks but the chronic is the one which stays for a long time. The chronic dry cough is due to a person being a addict smoker or that person may have some serious lung disease.


Dry cough occurs with many symptoms; shortness of breath, fever and chest pains. This type of cough means that your throat is rough and because of this your voice becomes hoarse. You may also have sore throat. And it will always feel like that your throat is on fire.

Due to the roughness of the throat you won’t even feel like eating and this leads to loss of appetite and unintentional weight loss. But if you are having severe pains while swallowing food then you should get immediate help. This is a serious matter.


There are many reasons for a dry cough. The most common is usually when your throat is irritated by dust or smoke or even if you are in the presence of a person smoking. It usually occurs when your cold is ending. It is non productive since it doesn’t extract mucus or phlegm.

This type of cough can be due to a normal viral illness where the cough lasts only a few days. And this can be easily prevented by making use of the cough remedies which help with this kind. If you are coughing at night then that is due to irritation in your bronchial tubes. Sometimes it is also a side effect of a medicine you might be taking for some other illness of yours.

If your cough is persistent, then this maybe because you might have mild asthma, but there might also be other symptoms for it. Sore throat coughing can also occur if while eating something rather than going through the eating pathway it goes through the breathing pathway.

Sometimes this type of cough can also be dangerous. When it continues for too long it may affecting your lungs and it may develop into a lung cancer. Hence it’s best that if your cough doesn’t end within a few days then you should better consult your doctor about it.


There are many remedies on how to get rid of a dry cough. You can use homemade ones or you can have medicines. Homemade cough remedies are very easy and simple. The first and foremost is to drink plain warm water a lot. Gargling is also a good way to ease your throat. You can gargle using salt water. Don’t drink or eat anything for a while so that the effect of the gargle remains. Honey is a very common thing used to ease up your cough. There are many homemade cough remedies that make use of honey in their recipes. You can add cinnamon powder to a slightly heated honey and then have one tablespoon of it. It soothes your dry throat. And your throat is relaxed.

Drinking chicken soup filled with vegetables also helps to calm down your throat and also fills up your tummy. Another cough remedy that you may try is chewing ginger. Sprinkle a pinch of salt on fresh ginger and chew it. The other way of making use of ginger is by mixing half teaspoon of ground ginger with one teaspoon of honey. And then eat it. It may taste weird but if you want to cure your cough then you may have to have it.

There are many homemade remedies available for treating your cough. But if you don’t want to try them then the next best way is to use medicines. Among cough medicines for dry cough you may use cough suppressants, so that you may cough less. These cough suppressants are over the counter medicines. Hence for that you only need to go to a medical store and ask the pharmacist for suggestions. For sore throat coughs there are usually tablets in the shape of candy and you can suck them. Medicines like Strepsils, they come in a variety of flavors and they are a little bit sweet so tastes good and they soothe your throat.

Dry cough maybe a small illness and you don’t need to worry about it but if it stays for too long then you should go see a doctor.