Sooner or later those of you who enjoy dining out will have a bad dining experience. The waiter or waitress will incorrectly take your order, in that the meat will not be cooked to your liking or the side dish that you expected is not what you requested. Then again, the wine that you might order will be spoiled or not up to the usual standard that you expect. The eating utensils, dished and/or cups and/or glasses might be soiled. The dining room might, in fact, be filthy and is discovered by you only after you order the meal.

The truth of the matter is that one or more of a few dozen things that you expect to be right and proper puts you off and all that you want to do is seek another place in which to enjoy a meal. You are truly disappointed with the service and/or the meal that was served to you. You summon the server and tell that person why you are unhappy.

What happens next might or might not cause you to stay and eat the food, or you can become so outraged that all you want to do is walk out. Poorly cooked food is not a good reason to just leave, but if the food does not taste as it should taste something is wrong with the food. You do not want to get food poisoning and die. If you do not feel comfortable with ordering a different meal because the food that was served to you is, in fact, unfit for Human consumption, my advise to you is to leave. Yes, you should leave the place and do not pay the food check.

One thing that really gets me mad is when the owner tells me that there is nothing wrong with the way the food was cooked and he or she becomes insulted because you have a complaint about what was served to you. My reply. “So long buddy and it will be a cold day in Hell before I come back here again.” Yes, there are probably twenty or more restaurants within driving distance of your home so just pick another one.

On the other hand, the owner of the restaurant or the manager might want you to pay for the meal. You will pay for the meal if you are able to inspect the kitchen and determine for yourself if the food is not spoiled and that the kitchen is clean, as well as the people who cooked the food that was served to you. Then again, if the chef fails to cook the food as you requested then it is time to leave, rather than to send it back again.

Believe it or not, the owner or the manager knows if the kitchen is filthy or the food is not as fresh as it should be. If they have something to hide they will simply ask you to leave. However, a truly stupid owner and/or manager might even call the police, in an attempt to make you pay for the food.

By this time you are as mad as a person can be, but you must maintain your composure and obtain a sample of the food that was served to you. You can feed it to the cop who arrives and let him decide if he would pay for the food. You can also take that food sample and send it to the health department for testing. Just pay for the food and request a dogie bag for what you do not eat.

Get an itemized receipt so that you can prove where that food came from and get the names of the people who own, serve and/or cooked the food that was served to you. You might even need a witness who can state that you were in the restaurant and ordered the meal that you kept for further legal action, if you happen to get sick or seek to recover damages for the way that you were treated.

You cannot do much more than that, but by doing so you might save the life of a customer who might eat the food from such a place and subsequently die. Like it or not, some people could care less if you live or die. Their only concern is to make as much money as they can. If you had such a bad experience you should never go back to that restaurant and be sure to tell your friends about what a bad experience you had within that restaurant.