Should Tipping in Restaurants be Banned – No

As a current server, my answer is most definitely no. From what I have read from most of you on the “yes” side of this issue, I can tell that most of you have never waited tables a day in your life. If you think waiting tables is only getting the guests food and drink, […]

The best way to Share a Restaurant Bill with others

“The fun falls through when the rent comes due”, wrote Billy Joel as part of the lyrics in his hit song “Scenes From An Italian Restaurant”. Great song. One of my favorites, but the tab due when dining out doesn’t have to spoil your evening. There are a number of ways to handle the paying […]

Tips for going out to Eat alone

It’s been a long time since I ate out alone, and yet for most of my adult life, that’s all I ever did.  I traveled a lot, for pleasure, always on my own, and reveled in the freedom to go where I wanted, when I wanted.  When I got hungry, I ate, without giving a […]

Tips for Eating alone

Eating Alone? – Loose The Social Misnomer Tips For Dining Alone Eating Alone.  It’s a social misnomer.  Why so you ask?  Rarely does one eat alone.  At the least you have the wait staff attending to your needs, at the most a restaurant full of people you may or may not know.  But the social […]

Home Remedies for Sun Poisoning

Sun poisoning can be an annoying condition to deal with, or it can be a chronic and painful malady. How severe sun poisoning is depends on what type you have and how badly you’ve been burned—as well as your individual genetics in some cases. The condition is very treatable, and if you have sun allergy […]

Helpful Tips when Eating out with Kids

As a parent, you know that eating out with your kids can sometimes be a fun, shared experience.  They’re happy, they do and say funny things, they get to have new experiences, and it’s a great way for the family to be together and bond. On the other hand, bringing kids to a restaurant also […]

Crohn’s Disease Symptoms

Crohn’s disease symptoms ranges from mild to severe and the degree of severity maybe different from person to person. The crones symptoms may change over time as well. The symptoms also vary according to which part of the GI tract in inflamed. You might have long periods of time where you barley show any symptoms […]

Should Tipping be Banned in Restaurants – Yes

Should tipping in restaurants be banned? The following argument gives reasons why this practice is outdated and no longer serves its original purpose. In bygone days, a customer would tip a waitress or waiter for the good service they provided. It was a simple transaction between the customer and the waitress. This was a very […]

Tips in Restaurants

How much of a percentage is a quality tip? Ten, fifteen, perhaps twenty percent? Well, from my experience as a patron and a worker of the restaurant industry, its safe to say, the quantity of tip that is handed out depends on the quality of work.  Now, when a table receives their check, they instantly […]

When is it okay to Eat with my Hands

At home people sometimes cheat and eat with their hands, but in public this may not always be acceptable. There are certain times when eating with your hands is not only acceptable, but is expected. -Food Types- Some foods were never intended to be eaten with a knife and fork, and doing so may be […]