Babies Eating out with Baby Eating out Tips for Parents

New parents need time together. When there is no baby sitter available taking the baby to the restaurant can be the only way that you are still able to go out. There are ways to make the entire situation less of a nightmare. Keep the following things in mind and the everyone involved should have a pleasant night.

~Day and time. Some restaurants have days that are busier or slower than others. Typically mid week in the middle of the afternoon try get find a time between the lunch rush and the dinner rush as these times tend to be a little less crowded.

~ Bring distractions. While children, teens, and adults can participate in conversations, and can convey what they would like an infant cannot. Sitting strapped into a high chair watching their parents eat will hold very little interest for a baby. A way to avoid the boredom that leads to screaming is to take some quiet toys to distract your child. A favorite toy can be all it takes to calm a baby for a few extra minutes. .

~ Work your way up. If you plan on eventually being able to take your baby into more sophisticated places without it becoming a big scene start out by going to kid friendly restaurants. Places where kids have free reign over look it if a infant is crying. If your baby has no problems being calm in those places you can take him somewhere a little quieter next time.

~Be ready to leave. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you do, your child just doesn’t want to sit and wait for you to finish your meal. That’s normal, expect it and don’t get upset if you have to leave early. Remember there are others who are trying to enjoy their meal. Instead of waiting for the baby to become completely unruly ask for a to go box with you meal. So as soon as you need to go you can.

~Feed the baby. Just because your baby can’t communicate doesn’t mean that it can’t enjoy the meal. If he is old enough to eat solid food let him have small bites of your food. Not only will you be encouraging it to try new things, but a baby that’s interested in eating won’t be nearly as upset as one that’s bored. It should go without being said, don’t forget to take a bottle or some baby food.

Don’t expect everything to go perfectly though, and don’t be upset when it doesn’t, just go home and try it again on another day. The more your baby is taken into social situations the sooner he will learn how you expect him to act.